DIN Rail Power Supplies

Conventional DIN Rail Power Supplies have been replaced by the more compact and efficient
Slim style of DIN rail power supply.>Click on Part Number for Complete Specifications

Most conventional DIN rail supplies are no longer available.
We’ve left the following information and data sheets for legacy customers that may need them for reference.

DIN RP Series

Universal AC Input (88~264VAC) economical DIN Rail Power Supplies
Typically used in 110 or 220VAC input applications


DIN-HDR Series - High Input Range

High Input Range (three-phase 340~550VAC), Economical DIN Rail Power Supplies
A low wattage power supply typically used in 3-Phase input applications


DIN-TDR Series - Three Phase Input

Three-Phase 340~550VAC wide input range economical DIN Rail Power Supplies
Two phase operation possible with de-rating


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