LED Power Supplies

High Performance Constant Current plus Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies at a Great Price

The LED HLG-H family are highly efficient, waterproof, LED power supplies, primarily for lighting applications. With a 90~305VAC wide AC input range the HLG series will operate with general 115VAC or 230VAC main input, but can also be operated with 277VAC input, for industrial 277/480-volt systems in North America.

The "A-Type" of "H-Series" supplies, with adjustable voltage and current, can be used to provide power in many thermoelectric applications such as cooling/warming outdoor enclosures.

To operate reliably in harsh outdoor environments, each unit is fully potted in an aluminum case and are IP 65/67 rated. Input/output is by cable. Generally speaking, all the HLG series supplies will work reliably in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor, dusty, moist, and vibrating environments.

With state-of-the-art LLC topology and synchronous rectifier technology the HLG-H series are remarkably efficient (up to 95%) and are adequately cooled by natural (free air) convection. With a wide operating temperature range from -40 ºC~-25 ºC to +70 ºC, or higher, they are appropriate for almost all outdoor installations. Each is protected from short circuit, over voltage, overload, and over temperature.

HLG600 LED Power Supply Photo HLG600H LED Power Supply Photo
320W HLG-H LED Driver
Constant Voltage + Constant Current
600W HLG-H LED Driver
Constant Voltage + Constant Current
HLG-320H 12V Data Sheet HLG-600H 12V Data Sheet
HLG-320H 15V Data Sheet
HLG-320H 24V Data Sheet HLG-600H 24V Data Sheet
HLG-320H 36 Data Sheet
HLG-320H 48V Data Sheet HLG-600H 48V Data Sheet

Higher power models in the HLG-H family have more functions than the less powerful, but most allow for output voltage adjustments with various dimming capabilities, typically via the output cable. The HLG series also has 4KV/6KV surge immunity (complies with EN61000-4-5) and vibration immunity up to 5Gs. See release notes to the left, or data sheets above for specifics.

Most HLG-H series power supplies are designed for operation in “constant current (C.C. mode) plus constant voltage (C.V. mode).” Adjustments are made with potentiometers located under caps in the supply face. This series can be used as the power supply for thermoelectric components. It can also be used to direct drive the LED in order to increase the total system efficiency or, with the use of DC-DC LED driver, balance current distribution.

The HLG-H Series have extensive global certificates for safety, EMC emissions and EMC immunity (see data sheets for specifics). Meeting these requirements assures your equipment will meet global safety and EMC regulations.

These high efficiency power supplies are very suitable for LED street lighting, LED high-bay lighting, outdoor electronic displays, LED decorative lighting, indoor/outdoor LED lighting, LED tunnel lighting, and many other outdoor electronic installations with moisture and/or dust, such as green houses, outdoor mechanical or electrical equipment and telecommunication base stations.


HLG-H Series Features at a Glance

The "A-Type" can be used as the power supply for thermoelectric components.

Wide range input 90~305VAC - 277VAC compatible

Metal housing, some Class I design

Fully potted with heat-dissipating glue making them IP 65/67 compliant.

Output Voltage and Current are adjustable - see above

Meet 4KV/6KV surge immunity level (EN61000-4-5)

Extremely high efficiency (up to 95%)

5G vibration immunity

Dimming functions

Cooling by Natural (free air) convection - NO FANS

RoHS Compliant

Protections: Short circuit/Overload /Over Voltage/Over temperature

Certificates: see data sheets for details

7 year warranty, or more


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