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ElectraCOOL™ TAC60™ Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

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The TAC60™ (Thermoelectric Air Conditioner) is a compact device for the cooling (or warming) of air in an enclosure. In the field of thermoelectric components, it's also known as an air-to-air heat exchanger.

TAC60™s are particularly well suited for use with electronics enclosures, heat sensitive instruments and smaller control panels. They are also used in a wide range of applications, such as incubators, QC chambers, drug compartment cooling, and for humidors.

The standard TAC60™ is designed for use indoors and has an IP20 rating, while the environmentally protected version, TAC60™-E is IP55 rated and may be used outside.

The TAC60™ may be mounted in any orientation. When installed, the larger "hot-side" remains outside enclosure, and the cold side is entirely within the enclosure. The modular design of the TAC60™ allows for easy adaptation in a wide variety of applications. All units are delivered ready to be easily and quickly mounted and wired.

For cooling the TAC60™ uses electrical energy only (thermoelectric). There are no moving mechanical parts (except fans) so thermoelectric air-to-air exchangers are extremely reliable and require no maintenance (except possible fan replacement). Because thermoelectric assemblies don't use any type of gas as a refrigerant they are an environmentally "Green" alternative to conventional compressor-based systems.

To increase cooling capacity, multiple units can be connected in series, parallel, or a combination of the two. Off-the-shelf TAC60™ units are 12 VDC nominal and draw about 6.5 amps at full power. Connecting TAC60™s in series allows for use in 24VDC (2 units), 36VDC (3 units) or 48VDC (4 units) applications. Naturally, multiple strings (in parallel) allows for increased cooling capacity.

"Static" construction makes ElectraCOOL™ exchangers immune to vibration so they are excellent for applications on moving platforms including ships, aircraft, vehicles like ambulances (to keep medication compartments at temperature) and robots.

All models are very efficient with a high Coefficient of Performance. This means that for a given cooling capacity the electrical power absorbed (and many related technical problems) are typically reduced making ElectraCOOL™ exchangers economical to own and operate.

The ElectraCOOL™ TAC60™ air conditioner was engineered to be a compact, modular unit that allows application specific scalability. Easy expansion and boundless configurations allows the TAC60™ to be deployed in applications from automation to wireless, ensuring that the electronics inside will operate reliably.


TAC60™ & TAC60-E™ Specifications at a Glance:

  • Cooling Capacity: 60 Watts (204 Btu/h)
  • Input Power: 12 VDC 6.7-Amps
  • Weight: 2.10 Lbs. (0.95 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6.25 inches (100x100x155mm)

Summary of TAC60™ Features:

  • Highly Reliable (Maintenance limited to fan repair or replacement)
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Easily adaptable to your needs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Immune to vibration
  • Reversible (cools or heats)
  • Precise Temperature Control Available
  • Operation in any Orientation
  • Reasonably Compact Size with Small Footprint
  • Can remove heat from hermetically sealed enclosures
  • Very quiet with the only sound coming from the fans
  • Environmentally Friendly (No gases or refrigerant lines - no CFCs - no leaks)
  • RoHS Compliant

TAC60-E™ Specifics

The outdoor rated TAC60-E™ has an IP55 rated external fan designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, we epoxy seal the "pass-through" opening for the fan's leads to keep moisture from entering the assembly.

These conditions include the direct or indirect spray of water onto the fan, exposure to fine dust particles, morning dew that may condense inside the fan, long term exposure to salt spray and salt fog.

The TAC60-E™ Type is designed to meet standard specifications such as: NEMA 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 12, 12K, IP 54, IP55, BELCORE (GR-487) and MIL 810E


TAC60™ & TAC60-E™ Sets

The standard TAC60™ set is great for controlling the temperature in small electronics enclosures and instruments. Also popular for humidors... The sets include one TAC60™ air conditioner, a Z31A Temperature Controller and a PS150W-12V Power Supply.

TAC60™ (sets) can be customized and configured in a variety of ways. Standard sets include an encloseded power supply but we can provide DIN rail or waterproof power supplies.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to place an order. Our toll-free number is: 1 (866) 665-5434 or send a note to sales@electracool.com



Toll free in North America: 1 866.665.5434

International: 603.888.2467

Indoor TAC60™ $225

The standard TAC60™ Enclosure Air Conditioner is intended for use indoors. TAC60 Data Sheet



Outdoor TAC60-E™   $249

The Environmentally Protected TAC60-E Enclosure Air Conditioner may be used outdoors (IP55). TAC60-E Data Sheet



Indoor TAC60™ Set   $459

TAC60™, Controller & Power Supply



Outdoor TAC60-E™ Set   $495

TAC60-E™, Controller & Power Supply


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Temperature Controllers

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TAC60 Options

$120 Upgrade to the TLK38-S controller with two outputs and neutral zone (cool in summer & warm in winter)


$20 Wired and configured to your desired set-point


$6 Cold-Side Fan Shroud

Fan Shroud Photo

When flipping the cold-side fan over, you may direct the airflow for spot cooling or deep into an enclosure. The fan shroud creates turbulence in the heatsink that keeps the airflow cold.


Environmental Ratings

International Protection Code
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NEMA Ratings


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