ElectraCOOL™ Epoxy Edge Sealing

ElectraCOOL™ Epoxy Edge Sealing
Outstanding Moisture Protection

In many applications it is necessary to protect thermoelectric cooling modules from moisture infiltration. A moisture barrier is used to prevent a degradation in performance, or catastrophic failure of the module due to junction corrosion or electrical short.

The most typical moisture protection available is a bead of silicon-based RTV applied around the perimeter of the module. This method is a quick and inexpensive way to keep water droplets out, however, water vapor can penetrate the RTV and become trapped inside a thermoelectric cooler.


We Offer an "aircraft grade" epoxy alternative to RTV
- with much lower vapor permeability

In addition to superior moisture protection, an epoxy edge seal makes the entire more module more durable in both crush and shear strength. Most customers see a significant reduction in damage during assembly. Finally, the thermal bridge created as a result of sealing is less with epoxy than RTV.

The dielectric, mechanical and physical properties of the two sealant types follow:

Technology One-component TRV rubber Two-component RTC rubber
Viscosity Thixotropic Non-slumping Thixotropic Non-slumping
Color White Amber
Hardness, Shore A 40 80
Elongation, % 300 90
Adhesive strength
to Al2 O3 ceramics kg/cm²
20 40
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/mºK 0.21 0.1280
Volume resistance, Ohm·cm 3·1014th 1·1015th
Dielectric strength, KV/mm 25 17
Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz 2.9 3.1
Dissipation factor at 1 MHz 3·10-3rd 1·10-2nd
Shrinkage, % 6.0 0.4
Operating temperature, ºC -40 ~ +180 -50 ~ +200

TE Modules manufactured with an Epoxy perimeter seal are designated with an "E" suffix
(for example: TM 127-1.4-8.5 "E").


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