Thermoelectric Module Overview

We have both High Performance & Economical Thermoelectric Modules

ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC had been supplying companies and leading research institutions with ElectraCOOL™ brand thermoelectric cooling modules since 1989.

In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what customers look for in a thermoelectric module and we’re continuously working to satisfy evolving requirements. As you look over our specification keep in mind that modules can be customized in a variety of ways to provide precisely what you require. Let us know what you’d like and we’ll be happy to let you know if we can help.

Traditionally we’ve served two primary groups of Thermoelectric Module buyers. Those seeking exceptional performance have selected our standard, high performance “TM” Series while the budget conscious OEM, with a less demanding application, usually has chosen our more economical “E” Series. A thermal cycling “C” version of the “high performance “TM” series is available that uses adhesive, rather than solder, on one side of the module.

Our “TM” and “C” Series are capable of reliable operation in a variety of demanding environments and applications. These modules have a ΔTmax of 70 °C and a continuous operational temperature range from -50 ~ +200 °C. These modules are RoHS compliant.

For the high volume Original Equipment Manufacturer that requires an economical, high quality cooling module, our “E” Series modules are priced competitively and are intended to be used as coolers in a wide range of consumer oriented goods. “E” series modules are available with the same footprints and general characterizes as the TM Series but have a maximum operational temperature of 100 °C and the ΔTmax around 67 °C. By default, “E” series modules are sealed with silicone RTV that’s included in our price. The minimum order quantity for “E “ series modules is 100.

Modules with holes allow the user to pass light, sensors, components or hardware directly through the module. Modules with holes are available in round or square types.

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