Temperature Controllers

Z31 controller Photo

Z31-A GS (12~24 VAC/VDC)
Single Set-Point Temperature Controller

Z31A-GS is a single set-point digital microprocessor based temperature controller for Cooling or Heating applications. The instrument with an ON/OFF control mode has one 16A-AC1 relay output (SPDT) and one input for an NTC or PTC temperature probe, that can be configured.

TLK38-S Photo

TLK38-S (24 VAC/VDC)
Dual Set-Point Digital Temperature Controller with NTC Sensor

TLK38-S is a digital microprocessor-based temperature controller with ON/OFF, Neutral Zone ON/OFF and PID control with an AUTO-TUNING function.

The TLK38-S is a simplified version of the original TLK38. The new “S” version is identical in size, and functionally is similar to the original in many respects, including PID control. However, the list of parameters has been significantly reduced.