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Thermoelectric modules, heat exchangers, and related equipment for industry and research.


Our ElectraCOOL™ thermoelectric products are used to cool, or control temperature, by utilizing the Peltier Effect. This is done electrically, without compressors or gases.

Our equipment is well engineered, reliable and environmentally responsible.

Fundamental Thermoelectrics

How A TE Cooler Works

Module Specifications

Thermoelectric Literature

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Air Conditioners

ElectraCOOL™ TAC60 air conditioners are compact and modular. TAC60s are typically used to control the temperature within and instrument or electronics enclosure. Indoor and outdoor (IP55) models available.

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ElectraCOOL™ cold-plates provide a temperature controlled surface to maintain tissue samples, cultures, optics packages, or just about anything you need to cool or warm. Great performance in a compact package.

Photo of TE Modules

TE Modules

To compliment our line of thermoelectric modules, we're delighted to begin representing Crystal Ltd., in North America. Crystal is known for exceptional quality and reasonable prices. Have a look at the wide range of modules available.

Related Components

Our selection of complimentary components were selected to work with our thermoelectric assemblies but can be used for any appropriate application.

Light Industrial Power Supply

Power Supplies

Our selection of AC-to-DC power supplies may be used world-wide.

See Our Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers

We stock the digital, single set-point TLZ10 and the PID, dual set-point TLK38 temperature controllers from Ascon Tecnologic

Disc thermostats are also available.

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Fans & Spare Parts

We stock a wide variety of 80mm and 92mm fans. Standard 25mm (w) replacement and 35mm (w) high-speed fans are available as well as waterproof (IP 55) 92mm fans.

Great Enclosures that Work Anywhere

TACE™ enclosures are rugged, weatherproof and, built protect your electronics. Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, they are well suited for plant and factory operations but with optional insulation, they may be used in cold or particularly warm environments. Built to order in a variety of sizes. Let us know what you need.

See our very popular:

TACE™ 100W 14x12x7 Data Sheet
TACE™ 100W 14x12x7 Brochure

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